Our commitment to equality and sustainability.

Human Collective are on a mission to spread a message of equality. We chose the equal sign as our logo to act as a subtle unifying symbol for Racial, LGBTQIA+, Gender and Opportunity equality.

Our vision is to make people comfortable wearing what they believe by designing high quality, comfortable and sustainable clothing that can be worn every day. It's important for us to create clothes that are both kind to the planet and those in involved in our production process.

That's why we have been certified by some of the most stringent ecological compliance monitors in the clothing industry.

Harmless to Humans and Animals

Not only are our suppliers FairWear certified, ensuring fair working conditions for employees, but our clothes are Vegan certified and have been tested for any harmful chemicals or heavy metals.

Sustainably Sourced

All our materials are sustainably sourced , using the highest standard of certification for organic and recycled materials.

Tackling Inequality

We donate 1% from every jumper sold to our three charity partners to help them tackle inequality.