At Human Collective, we’re on a mission to spread a message of equality. We want people to be comfortable, in what they wear and who they are. That’s why we chose the equal symbol “=“ as our logo, to subtly create and encourage spaces and cultures where everyone is accepted. Plus all of our clothing is made with super comfortable Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester.

Doing good shouldn’t cost the earth

Sustainability is the defining issue of our time and we all are responsible for its effects. That’s why we only use the highest possible ethical standards with our clothing, so you can be comfortable wearing clothes that are fit for the future.  

GOTS Certified

Our manufacturers are all GOTS certified. That’s the leading Organic Cotton certification globally

Recycled Materials Only

We only use recycled materials in our clothing and are certified by the leading standard for recycled textiles.

100% Vegan Materials

Our clothing is made from 100% vegan materials with no testing done on animals, and we’re Peta certified to prove it


We believe what you wear can make a difference and we want people to wear what they believe. Wearing your support for equality can act as a reminder for you and others to stand up against inequality.

Supporting Charities

From every jumper sold we donate towards Equality with our partners Sports Against Racism Ireland, LGBT Ireland and The Irish Youth Foundation.

Wear What You Believe

Show your support for a more equal world with the equal symbol on every jumper

Workers Protected

Our clothing is FairWear certified as we only work with suppliers who ensure the safety and freedom of association of all workers.