Human Collective was created with the ambition of helping to make the world a more inclusive and equitable place through the clothing we wear. In a short space of time we have been honoured to be invited to work with some of Ireland’s biggest and most progressive businesses, to educate them on diversity and inclusion through our talks, and providing co-branded clothing to help advance our collective vision of equal opportunities and encouraging conscientiousness in every community.


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Corporate and Community Team

Conor Buckley

Human Collective Founder and son of trailblazer and activist Christine Buckley, Conor’s up-bringing was deep-rooted in morality as he witnessed his mother going head to head with the state for the rights of women and children raised in industrial schools around the country.

With activism in his blood, Conor began devising a plan for what would eventually become Human Collective after seeing American Diversity Educator Jane Elliot wearing a slogan sweater that read “There is only one race, the human race”.

Mamobo Ogoro

Mamobo was named Activist of the Year in the Inaugural Black and Irish Gala Awards in 2021, and as one of the 50 people to watch in 2022 by the Irish Independent. As well as having 1st class honours degree & Masters Degree in Psychology Mambo sits as the co-chair of the University of Limerick Eithnic Diversity Forum.

Mamobo Ogoro is a Social Psychology PhD Candidate and Social Entrepreneur. Fuelled by both her personal experience and academic background in prejudice, as well as intergroup conflict and dual cultural identity, Mamobo is on a personal mission to unify the world!

Paddy Smyth

Paddy Smyth is a presenter, media commentator, influencer, and disability rights activist with Cerebral Palsy. He won the 2019 series of The Circle on Channel 4 and presented The Fitting Room for RTE2 in the same year.

His down-to-earth honesty and powerful messaging have seen him front social media campaigns for a wide range of popular brands including Science Foundation Ireland, Domino’s Pizza, Primark, Kiehl’s, Amazon Prime, Bumble, and Disney+. Paddy was also one of Facebook and Instagram’s Diverse Voices of the year in 2021.

Eoin Heffernan

Eoin began his activism journey in 2016 when he emigrated to the United States, an event that coincided with the election of Donald Trump to the White House. During this period, he heard, saw and experienced racism and discrimination in a way he could have never fathomed, and had his 'irishness' questioned over and over again.

This led to Eoin undertaking a journey of discovery across the Deep South which had a profound effect on him and since returning home he's pursued a law degree hoping to work in the area of human rights and social justice. Eoin has worked with a number of community organisations in Ireland including I Am Irish and Irish Network Against Racism. 

Blessing Dada

Blessing is an award-winning Black-Irish mental health writer who was named the Community Star of the Year at the Inaugural Black and Irish Gala Awards in 2021. She is a passionate activist on various social justice issues, especially on the intersectionality of mental health awareness.

Her lived experience with all things mental health, including chronic illness, disability, direct experience with stigma and the mental health care system, has helped her raise awareness for Black and other ethnic minority communities in Ireland.  She has been featured in the New York Times and was voted one of the 50 people to watch in 2022 by the Irish Independent.

Adam O'Brien

Adam O’Brien was first diagnosed with Dyspraxia at the age of 8 and with Autisim and Generalised Anxiety Disorder a few years later. His difficulties began during his school years, and has since struggled with social interactions which have led him to believe that people still do not understand the condition of Autism.

The impact of bullying which he has endured has led Adam to where he wants to help others by sharing his difficult moments experiences as well as all the positives in his life. Adam is continually advocating for more inclusion in the workplace and is very conscious of the number of Autistic people who are long term unemployed.

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Whether you are a large Multinational, SME, Start-up or Special interest group, we would be delighted to talk to you about ensuring your organisation meets its social and corporate obligations to all of its stakeholders.

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Inclusion, sustainability, and social inclusion are at the forefront of everything we do in @RSA Insurance Ireland and  We were delighted to partner with @we are human collective to get organic and sustainable t-shirts for our people marching in Pride. The quality and design of the clothing is superb. Not only that, you could not have a better partner than Human Collective. Conor, Paddy and Mamobo participated in our Pride: A Place for Everyone panel for our people. They were insightful, educational and brilliantly funny. I'm looking forward to building our relationship and working with them for a long time to come.

- Anthony Kelly, RSA Insurance Ireland

The Dock I&D crew and LGBTQ+ community were happy to host a special event in The Dock with Human Collective for Pride. The team at Human Collective delivered passionate talks about their activism, stories about their personal journeys in defining their identities, and how we can all contribute to a more inclusive world through everyday actions. The HC team were able to deliver an engaging and inspiring talk which was really well-received by our audience, who particularly enjoyed the intersectional lens through which the talk was delivered as well as the entrepreneurial and socially responsible spirit of the company.

Liz Mueller, Accenture